Friday, June 25, 2010

I have A New "Thing"

Ok, I must confess this to you all: I'm addicted to iTunes & CD Baby. In the past few months, I have accumulated over 300 Pagan songs, chants, etc to listen on my iPod. I have music ranging from Kellianna to Moonstruck, Blackmore's Night to Alicia Bonnet and then some. I find these to be particularly uplifting, esp. recently as my mother was going through a quadruple bypass and I needed something to listen to, to keep me sane in the hospital waiting room. So, if you get a chance to, check out iTunes for these artists. Another artist I have been listening to is Heather Alexander, she's mostly a balladeer, a minstrel. I found her through my good friend, Cliff. who turned me onto her music. Her songs are quoted in The Change series by SM Stirling, another science fiction series that is heavily influenced by Paganism.

I've also been keeping busy catching up on blogs that I haven't read in a long time. Boy, there was a lot I missed about blogging. There are a lot of giveaways on some. I'm still thinking about doing a giveaway on here, I just have to find the perfect thing to giveaway. Does anyone out there have any helpful suggestions??

I will be heading back into the wilds of north-central Nova Scotia very soon to partake in a "Nature by Night" activity that Cliff is hosting at his homestead. We will be journeying through the wilderness at night, using red flashlights (so the light doesn't disturb the critters) to see flying squirrels, deer, bats, etc. then ending up spending the night in a cabin. There will be a group of us gallivanting about in the woods. Hoping that the Horned God doesn't mind us in his turf, maybe some of the earth spirits will help us on the way. I feel such a connection to the land since I was last at Twa Corbies Hollow. I have a better sense of the city spirits that dwell near my apt. Unlike their country counterparts, they are a lot more difficult to make a connection to, as they seem to be wary. To find some gentler spirits, I have been going to a park in my city that is surrounded on 3 sides by water, with a sparse wooded area. I go to a little nook I love to visit and meditate, taking in what is all around me.


Changing Girl said...

((I needed to edit after posting originally, & I previewed too! go fig..))

ooh awesome! could you, would you, post a complete listing of the artists you found via iTunes!! I don't do CDBaby; but iTunes is my thing -- just got a new iTunes card & was wondering what to get.

I often explore music with and -- so if you haven't already discovered those sites, you may wanna :-)

Have fun at Nature by night!

Jen said...

I love CD Baby and have ordered CD's from them from time to time. I love that I can listen to the tunes before i decide and I adore artists I haven't discovered yet!~

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