Saturday, August 29, 2009

My New Book I just bought yesterday

Ok, I've been on a little shopping kick this week with 2 faeries & a book (The Way of the Green Witch) Yesterday after I got off work, I traipsed over to Little Mysteries and got another book. I also got 30% off it, cuz of their frequent buyer card. That's the 3rd one filled since last winter.

Currently, I have at least 3 books on the go: the 2 that I bought this week, as well as, "Witchcraft Today" by Gardner. It's a bit of a read, but I think I like my newest acquisition best. It's up there with a few of my other books. I am a bit of a book junkie. I'm also reading the Sookie Stackhouse books when I'm at work in between clients.

I can never have enough to read. Blessed Be )O(

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Books

Ok, I posted these pix on my facebook. I have about 3o-something books that I've read (or am currently reading) that I've acquired in the past year & a half.

My BOS; Wicca by S Cunningham; Living Wicca by S Cunningham; Green Witchcraft1,2,3 by A Moura; Green Magic by A Moura; Spiral Dance by Starhawk; Healing Craft by S&J Farrar; Witches' Bible by S&J Farrar; Witchcraft Today by G Gardner; Wicca for Beginners by T Sabin; Wicca by V Crowley; ABC of Witchcraft by D Valiente; Witches' Grimoire by J Nock; Wiccan Year by J Nock; The Way of the Green Witch by A Murphy-Hiscock; The Way of the Hedgewitch by A Murphy-Hiscock; Llewellyn's 2008 Witches' Companion; Llewellyn's 2010 Witches' Companion; Llewellyn's 2009 Magical Almanac; LLewellyn's 2007 Witches' Datebook; Witches' Almanac 2008/09; Witches' Almanac 2009/10; Inner Temple of Witchcraft by C Penczak; The Secret World of Witchcraft by J Karl; Sabbats by E McCoy; my other BOS.

On this shelf I have a container of altar supplies (candles, incense holder, Athame, cauldrons, Pentacle, altar cloths). On top of the container I have a couple more altar cloths and a huge binder that I also use as a BOS. The books are:
Priestess of the Forest by EE Hopman; Simply Faeries by R Harvey; Faery Magic by S Knight; Clan of the Goddess by CC Bronwen; Inner Temple of Withcraft Companion CDs by C Penczak.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My upcoming class

I got confirmed for a class that I will be attending this coming Monday. It's being held at my fav. local Pagan shop, Little Mysteries. It's called Introduction to Pagan Paths I'm going to see what is out there in terms of networking with other Pagans in my area. I'm looking to join a coven. I did have a mentor, but I never really learned anything that I didn't know before. A lot of what she gave me to add to my BOS, I found when I Googled it. Most of what she gave me was Wiccan in nature, even though she's is not a Wiccan (???). But I digress.

I'm looking forward to going to this class, it's being put on by a Wiccan HP. I might know a lot of what may by taught, but it doesn't hurt to be refreshed. Being a Pagan, there's always room to learn.

Coming Soon!!

New links. I'll grant you a peek inside my BOS. Keep checking back ;)

A chant I found in my BOS

I was going through my BOS last night & I came across this chant for the Equinox. I know it's in 3 weeks, but I thought I would share it with you for your Esbat ritual.

The day is balanced.
The night is balanced.
All is balanced this day.
Let balance be our way.
The God energy is balanced.
The Goddess energy is balanced.
All is balanced this day.
Balance in all we do, think, and say.
The Sun is balanced.
The Moon is balanced.
All is balanced this day.
Balance is the divine way.
The light is balanced.
The dark is balanced.
All is balanced this day.
From balance, may we never stray.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My new Faery I got today

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Goddess Chant

My Faery Collection

Within the last couple of months, I have been starting to collect Faery figurines. The store where I usually go to get them had a few months where they didn't carry them, as a competitive store was also selling them (the store was right next door). I did find one faery at a gas station where they sell gifts, go figure!! One is a trinket box where I keep some crystals in it. There is a faery that I want that I will get tomorrow...she's a Witchy Faery, complete with a pointed hat & crystal ball. Actually, I want the whole damn collection!!! They have a couple of faeries with the Green Man.

So, here are my pix of what I have collected so far.

Pagan Faery & Nature Spirit Art

Since I've never posted YouTube videos before, I thought you might like this. Enjoy :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I've seen this around so I thought I'd add it too

The earth is our mother,
We must take care of her.
The earth is our mother,
We must take care of her.

Chorus: Hey yanna, ho yanna, hey yan yan.
Hey yanna, ho yanna, hey yan yan.

Her sacred ground we walk upon
With every step we take.
Her sacred ground we walk upon
With every step we take.


The earth is our mother,
She will take care of us.
The earth is our mother,
She will take care of us.