Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eye Strain & Urine

Now, who knew that it would take so long to catch up on reading my fav blogs and the new ones I've been recommended to read?? Whew! My poor eyeballs are tired these past few weeks of reading. Between reading & listening to my fav podcasts, this witchy is still wanting more!!

Been busy too with my work, being a mom and crafting new oil blends. I think my 2 favs are Van Van and Crown of Success. I've also been doing some major housecleaning with floorwashes I made. Who knew urine would be such a great ingredient to use in placing a barrier around my place for protection? I know, that probably made a few of you a little squeamish, but it's free, does the job you want it to & it will never run out. I use it on the outside of my place, diluted with a little water, around the windows & doors. Inside, my place smells good with the essential oils I use in the floorwashes. Each month I use a different oil, like this month was Calendula.

One of my fav podcasts is taking a hiatus for the summer. I'm so going to miss Velma Nightshade this summer. Hopefully she'll still get together with Fire Lyte to do their "Inciting A BrewHaHa" podcast. If you haven't heard it yet, I highly recommend it. But not to worry, Velma started up a blog called, "Witches BrewHaHa-The Blog" to keep her loyal listeners happy while she gets down to things in her mundane life. I'm still wondering whatever happened to the Pagan Hooligans. They haven't put out a podcast since Feb. They were a newbie couple to the craft & they were a refreshing, funny, new view to this crazy path we're on called Paganism. It was great listening to them explore new things, Jasmine's Tarot card draw, Isaac's use of the word, "Excellent". Go check them out, too to see what I'm talking about. They're not just for newbies to the craft, even experienced witches enjoy their fresh outlook on things.

Anyway, I know this is a short posting, but I am getting ready to head off to work. I need to use my glamour on clients to make them look good when they come in to get their hair done. As always, have a Blessed day.



Lady Thorn said...

I'd like to cordially invite you to join us at The Minerva's Site Competition! Hope to see you there!

Finder Thorn

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