Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blog-Fading & Other Things

I am so sorry to you all for blog-fading these past few months. Actually, I have been doing a lot of reading & I found a new interest on my Pagan journey: Hoodoo & conjure. I've been reading a lot of blogs, forums & books on this fascinating topic. It's hard to find anything around here in my city where I can find the right herbs, but I did manage to find a little out of the way botanica which supplies things that I need. I've been making mojo hands, blended oils, honey jars, spell boxes, etc. I know a lot of Pagans out there wouldn't dare dream of doing this type of spell work, calling it dark, but it is a form of North American Diasporic folk magic, with influences from Native, African & European traditions. Yes, there are hexes & curses involved as well as love spells, things your everyday Wiccan would disapprove of. This is something not for the faint of heart. The spell working is really not so different from conventional BTW (British Trad. Witchcraft), but it very important to "feed" your mojo hands, or leave gifts at the crossroads for the spirits who aid you in your working.

In other things, I'm still listening to various Pagan podcasts. Some of the Podkin had been pod-fading (Hooligans) and some are keeping up to date on topics (Inciting A Riot). If you haven't listened to the wonderful podcasts that are out there, I highly recommend that you do, there is a wealth of information out there. Some are funny, informative, intelligent & some will make you grab a pitchfork. Most podcasts last for about a 1/2 hr to 2hrs, depending on the topic. I have 3 which I just love & anticipate the next episode: Inciting A Riot, Pagan Hooligans & New World Witchery. Even the podkin got together this past October for a Pagan Podcast Supermoot in Chicago. It was such a successful event that they are doing a 2nd one this Sept in Salem, MA. It was quite enjoyable to hear each podcast relate their stories of their experiences. Maybe this witch may take a little trip this Sept to go meet the ppl she's been listening to for the last few months & feels she knows them personally. We shall see how the bank account will hold out for me by then.

Ok, I have a new endorsement on my blog called: Project Pagan Enough. This is a movement started last year by Fire Lyte over at the Inciting A Riot podcast & blog. It is a hugely successful movement to end the constant witch wars that is constant in the Pagan community. I feel, as Fire Lyte does, that too many Pagans in the community are quick to judge their
fellow Pagans, by what they wear, the music they listen to, how new they are, etc. Just because you read Scott Cunningham or any of the other 101 books, or if you have Christian friends or that you respect their beliefs doesn't mean you're not Pagan enough. There are far too many witch-wars in the community. I've seen it here withing my city where if you're not wearing thrift store clothes, eat vegan, have funky hairstyles, etc, you get looked upon as not being Pagan enough. I am a 30-something professional woman, single mom who listens to all sorts of music (just not always Pagan tunes, I like mainstream music) and hangs out with various people who aren't Pagans. Does that make me not as Pagan as those who are smelling of patchouli, wearing their pentacle jewelry & robes everytime they are out in public? No, my beliefs are what I carry with me everyday, I don't need to put them on for show, esp in this very conservative city that looks liberal

So, I support PPE and I encourage you, my readers, to look into it & look at yourself to see if you are judging those who you deem as not being Pagan Enough or fluffy, or a dumb newbie. We all do it or have done it, so don't get your broomstick in a knot denying it. I'm as much guilty of it as you are, but I am changing my ways. How can we ask for tolerance when we can't even give it to those who don't fit the "Pagan moniker" or they have a different religious belief than us? Respect is a two-way street, not a one-way lane, you want it, you have to give it as well

Check out for more on Project Pagan Enough.


Sophia Catherine said...

Yay! I love Project Pagan Enough (Fire Lyte read my e-mail about it during Signe's interview on the PPE ep). I've also been loving the Pagan podcasts that are out there - such a wealth of knowledge with people so generous in sharing it.

Rowan LeBoutillier said...

I just heard that podcast yesterday on my way to work...that is too cool that your the girl who's name means "wisdom"!! I loved hearing your email.

Sophia Catherine said...

Thanks! Alas, I am only the girl who chose the internet screen name for wisdom :) (But my real name means 'pleasant' and 'beautiful' in different languages, so that's something!) It was a great show. I totally didn't notice it was two hours long!

Shannon said...

The subject of hexing came up on a forum I was on the other day and the consensus was almost unanimous: a witch who can not hex, can not heal.

I've never done it myself, but I've been studying the Cornish Traditional path for about two years (by book, haven't had much luck finding a pellar here), and there is a balance to it.

Do you mind if I ask about the honey jar? I was just wondering if it really helps heal a relationship and if you need to add something personal to strengthen it?

Rowan LeBoutillier said...

I use honey jars to "sweeten" either people or situations. If I use for for a person, I try to have something of them to add to the jar: nail clipping, hair, bodily fluids (if it's a love jar). I also add 3 herbs to it that will help the spell and on a piece of brown paper, I write my petition in a continuous circle, never lifting the pencil off the paper til it rejoins again.

I find that they do help with healing of sorts. I've had tremendous luck with my jars, they've all seemed to work out in my favor. The same goes for vinegar jars, too. Instead of honey, use vinegar to "sour" a person or situation.

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