Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My upcoming class

I got confirmed for a class that I will be attending this coming Monday. It's being held at my fav. local Pagan shop, Little Mysteries. It's called Introduction to Pagan Paths I'm going to see what is out there in terms of networking with other Pagans in my area. I'm looking to join a coven. I did have a mentor, but I never really learned anything that I didn't know before. A lot of what she gave me to add to my BOS, I found when I Googled it. Most of what she gave me was Wiccan in nature, even though she's is not a Wiccan (???). But I digress.

I'm looking forward to going to this class, it's being put on by a Wiccan HP. I might know a lot of what may by taught, but it doesn't hurt to be refreshed. Being a Pagan, there's always room to learn.


Anonymous said...

Who's the HP teaching the class? I might be interested in hearing the perspective they offer!

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