Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh, The Wheel, It Is A Turnin'

I'm always trying to be aware of the Wheel as we go through the year. I really noticed how much it's turning this winter. Is it me, or is it moving along faster?? I always pick up my son from his after school program at 4:30pm everyday. He used to hate it when I would come and the sky would be dark. This was December til mid-January. I noticed today when I picked him up that it was still daylight, not daylight where the sun will be gone by the time we get home daylight. That was a little over an hour ago and now I see the streetlights starting to come on. Pardon the cliche to my favourite books, but it's now Twilight time. That magical time between day & night when things are slowing down (except rush hour traffic), that shift in the day that I love. This is how I know the Wheel is a turnin'. We may be in the middle of winter, the snow is piled on the ground and we still have 5 more weeks of winter til Ostara.

Yes, I have changed the background of my blog. I chose a cliche Valentine's theme and I made another little Valentine's slideshow in the upper right corner. Included with that are pictures of Cupid/Eros and his mother, Venus/Aphrodite. Something seasonal for you all to enjoy. ♥

I am still addicted to my little game over on Facebook, YoVille. My avatar has a new house, a treehouse, that I have been busy decorating. I recently found out that the mystery bookcase is actually a secret library. I turned that into a Ritual room, complete with a virtual altar, with lots of candles and a bubbling cauldron in the middle of the room. I have plants everywhere in my little virtual house. Hey, if I'm lousy growing plants in RL, YoVille is making me a Queen of Green Thumbs. I even have an indoor garden room, complete with a babbling brook.

Ok, too much talk of my game, but I am in a club called, the Goddess Sanctuary. We get together and have discussions, swap items and share our witchy ways with each other. It is fun to be a part of an online community that doesn't attack you if they don't agree with what you have to say or ask. I find that with a number of fb groups (P&W). Anyway, I digress again.

I had a quiet Imbolg last week. I did a very small ritual and made a petition to Bridghid in my quest for a job. I had a job interview that day and I am waiting to hear back from them. 2 months of unemployment is driving me crazy. I am lucky to have been able to do a few haircuts at home for some friends (thanks, Lisa & Karen) but I miss working in a salon with others, sharing some laughs, helping each other with things and clients. I hope I get this job. My fingers are starting to cramp from all this finger-crossing I've been doing.

Well, this is what's been going on with me. I am going to try to be more diligent with blogging, but there are times when I don't feel inspired to blog. I hope you can all understand...maybe it is the winter. I'm going tomorrow to get some tanning sessions, anything to ward off SAD, which this year, I am again unaffected. No depression for me this year (YAY!!) but I am a little tired of looking at my pastiness. A good base for this summer, cause, if I'm going to be working, I won't be outside.

Blessings to you all,


Rue said...

This winter has flown by a bit for me - no SADD for me either this year. But I am still ready for some sunshine! I've had very low energy and have a hard time getting myself moving in the mornings. What do you do?

Glad you are enjoying your FB experience!

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