Thursday, February 11, 2010

Treasures from Michael's

I went out today with my friend, Lisa, to Michael's. I was like a kid in a candy store, looking at all the colored beads, what a way to lure you in a craft store, by putting all the pretty, sparkly things at the front. Looking at the beads I was reminded of when I used to make bracelets using my bead loom & seed beads. I haven't done that in a long time and I gave all my beads away to a friend of mine who makes & sells jewelry here in Halifax during the tourist season.

We continued on, looking down the aisles. They had some acrylic paints on sale so we picked up a few bottles each. I found a beautiful hinged box that would be perfect to hold Tarot cards or spell candles. It is unfinished, so I can paint whatever colors that inspire me. Lisa also bought some paint brushes, she's getting motivated to do some crafting now that she is participating in a Pagan craft swap on Facebook. We looked down all the aisles, sniffing the scented candles. I wanted to see of there was any candle making supplies, but I didn't see anything.

One aisle we went down held some very pleasant surprises for us. They have meditation CD's for sale for $3 each. I bought 3, Rains of Renewal, Relaxing Waters & Meditate in Nature. They're very peaceful, with soft music accompanying the nature sounds. They also carried body lotions, eye masks, pedicure sets, slippers, basically things you would need for a spa night with the girls. Who knew?? I also bought a mint body lotion that was $3. I can't wait to try it on my footsies after my bath tonight. ☺

Travelling down more aisles, I came across an herb garden to grow at home. It had Lavender, Thyme, & Oregano, the soil and a cute tin planter. I followed the directions when I came home and they are sitting on my window sill. I just hope I don't kill these, there may be still some hope for these thumbs of mine yet. Since I don't have a proper watering can, I may have to use the one that my son uses when he plays in his sandbox.

They had a lot of Valentine's things out, as well as for St Pat's and a couple of aisles for Easter (Ostara) Lisa bought a cute little Easter tree and a pkg of mini eggs to hang off it. I didn't get any Easter things, as I got a lot last year, but she got a few things for her altar. Time flew by as we shopped and soon it was time to eat & pick up my son from school.

I can't wait to go back to Michael's, there were some feathers there that I liked. I'm sure I can find some good uses for them...hee hee!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE going to Michael's and perusing the aisles. What a fun day to spend with a friend.

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