Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Journey to Twa Corbies

Picture borrowed from Cliff

So, another weekend is upon me to venture out into the wilds of Nova Scotia. Hopefully this time the flies will be gone because this "all you can eat buffet" is closed. I will be participating in a 'Nature by Night' exploration walk, hosted by my lovely friend, Cliff & his wife, Lady Daphne. We will be exploring the wildwood by night, looking for flying squirrels,bats & anything else that may want to present itself to us.

I am also looking forward to this trip, as I will be riding a horse, something I haven't done in a decade or so. Ok, so it will be in a corral, with Acorn, or maybe her brother, Aval. I just hope Epona will be with me as I ride, as I think we (the horse & I) will be needing her.

I will try this time to remember to take some pix of my weekend in the country. I've been looking forward to getting back to Twa Corbies 5 minutes after I left the 1st time. ☺


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