Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Moon / Dark Moon...What's the Difference??

Ok, so I came along something that made sense to me. I found a book that was explaining the difference about doing magic during the Dark Moon, as opposed to New Moon magic. Most of us have read or have been taught that if you want to do banishing, releasing type of workings that the New Moon is best for this, right?? I know I have seen this in books & was told. But, wouldn't it make sense to do these types of spell workings during a phase of the moon that is not about beginnings?? When the moon is New, it is showing 1% of a sliver in the sky before it starts to grow (waxes) into the fullness of the Full Moon. I know a lot out there don't like doing magic during a Dark Moon, which is when it is completely void in the night sky. They have been taught that those types of workings are considered 'dark', 'evil' 'ominous' or that is something witches don't do. Even most calendars do not show when there is a Dark Moon, or they call it New Moon. Look at the above picture...see a space for the Dark Moon?? No, neither do I.

Let's look at banishing types spells. What exactly are they?? Are they meant to harm another?? Actually, they can be about what you want them to be. You want to lose a little weight, quit smoking, drop a bad habit?? These are things that maybe considered to be negative, depending on the one doing the magic of the Dark Moon. Cutting ties with someone you no longer want to associate with, an ex lover, perhaps?? Dark Moon is best to do that. This is when the wisdom of the Crone will assist you. I know a lot of fellow Pagans who have been doing banishing-type workings during the New Moon & wondering why they didn't have the results they were hoping for. First up, it was during the New Moon when the moon is starting it's journey (cycle), why would you do a working during a phase of the moon that's about beginnings (hence its name as New) when you want an ending?? Yes, I also know that the moon also wanes down at the end of the cycle to 1% in the night sky, but it is still not dark enough to get the results you were looking for. Doing a working in this particular phase is good, if you only want half-assed results. Also, it seems to be considered taboo to cast your circle widdershins (anti-clockwise), but why not, when you are doing a Dark Moon working?? Aren't you trying to rid yourself of something undesirable?? In a way, to go back & reverse something that you no longer want to have in your life. Too many schools of thought, Hollywood, Pagans who think there is no such thing as Dark Magic (Fluffies, as they are known) have all put a shadow (no pun intended) on doing magic during a Dark Moon phase. That is why there are a lot of workings going on during the New Moon. Want to know when a Dark Moon is?? It usually occurs about 12-14 days after the Full Moon, just before the New Moon appears in the night sky.

I have experienced Dark Moon magic myself. I have cast my circles and have let go of things I needed to let go. Shocking, huh?? A lot of people out there have considered me to be a little on the Fluffy side, is it because I have a pink grimoire, that I like sparkly things?? That's just superficial, it's what's on the inside. I have done workings during the New Moon & got the half-assed results, done the workings on the Dark Moon & got the results I wanted. There is nothing bad about Dark Moon magic, the moon is at another powerful phase for magic, the other would be it's opposite phase, Full. As I always tell my friends, you need a little dark to balance the light.



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