Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why Can't We Do This Here??

So, I'm creeping...erm, I mean reading Ramblings of a Newbie Pagan and I see her Lammas stuff she posted. I think it must be really cool to live in the UK, they have their festivals, with Morris Dancers, re-enactments with dancers, costumes, etc. Not so much here in Halifax. We get the occasional public ritual, but nothing like a festival to celebrate the season, whether it be for Lammas or Beltaine. There is a public rit for Samhain, but from the times I went, it pales in comparison. Are there even Morris Dancers here??

Anyway, check out this video Jenandollie had on her blog. I think it's so wonderful, there are the 4 directions dancing around with John Barleycorn, with his "death" at the conclusion. Be nice if there was something like that here, but unfortunately, there isn't.


Anonymous said...

trust me this doesn't happen all over the uk certainly not in my part of the uk thats for sure lol would be great though!

Danni said...

I'm jealous of the festivals she manages to attend as well. We have literally nothing where I live. No public rituals, no pagan pride day, certainly no festivals. It would be wonderful to be able to go to something like this.

Satatia Spellsinger said...

We did a ritual on Lughnassad which included a re-enactment of the cutting down of the grain god. It was kind of thrown together, but it was a good experience, we all dressed in our witchy clothes and had wine and oatcakes baked in the shape of a man, with symbols of the sun carved into him. He was, of course, ritually beheaded...and he tasted really good!

J said...

I deleted the last one as it had far to many spelling mistakes!!

I was trying to say that yes we are very lucky here, our next one at Samhain is actually over several weeks as it includes the bonfire season for Guy Fawkes too. So it is a mix of Christain and Pagan, though our town is definately Pagan!

As for the Morris, we have several sides in this town. I think though have no actual evidence that the hilly areas seem to have more dancers than the Lowlands. but then again that could be just because I spend a lot of time in the hills!

BB Jen

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