Sunday, March 13, 2011

Podcasts Galore!!

My poor iPod is been being filled up lately. Not with music (although I still have a few playlists that I frequently listen to), but with Pagan, witchy podcasts. I was looking to see what is out there in the land of Pagan podcasts, as I was getting a little bored with the ones I was listening to or they weren't recording anything new in a long while. I came across this really great one that I just adore! It's called New World Witchery and it's all about being a witch in America with the culture & beliefs that we have over here. They do talk a lot about folk magic, Hoodoo & conjure, as the 2 hosts, Cory & Liane, are from Tennessee. They both have backgrounds in BTW but felt that they didn't connect with it, but felt a pull from their own backyard in the Ozarks and southern magic. I'm not from the South, but it does hold a lot of mystery to me and I do find it interesting to learn about. I've even made a few mojo bags this week for personal purposes, complete with red flannel and herbs that I had to order off Lucky Mojo Curio (as they weren't avail around here). So, thus begins my rookie attempts at Rootworking.

Another podcast I've been listening to is called Inciting A Riot. Fire Lyte is hilarious, as well as very informative about current events and how they affect us Pagans. His most recent posting on his blog (of the same name) slams Christian Day and the Salem witches for being media whores in the wake of Charlie Sheen's rants about being a warlock. I saw the news videos and the YouTube video posted of their "ritual" I totally agree with him for labeling them media whores and making non-Pagans think we're a bunch of Goth, vampire wannabes practicing magic.

A list of my podcast
s I am listening to is on the right side column under the labels cloud. Check them out, they're really good and very informative.



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