Monday, March 7, 2011


Well, the snow is melting and the air is starting to get warmer and next weekend the time moves forward an hour. That must mean spring must be around the corner. Now, as much as I love winter with all the snow, I think I'm finally ready to put away the snowboots & heavy coats and bring out the rainboots & lighter coats. When out shopping this weeeknd past, the stores were all full of new spring merchandise, from lawnmowers, to backyard furniture and gardening supplies. I came home and weeded my old planters that were out during the winter and pulling out the old dead plant roots, to get them ready for when I get new plants this spring. I also did the same for my poor neglected indoor planters that used to house my herbs. I am very guilty of letting them go this winter as I was pre-occupied with other things.

So, in honour of the coming season, I changed up my gloomy old blog with a fresh new background. I'm not used to 3 column layouts and I had to adjust some of my widgets to accommodate this change. I searched the land of Google for something that was bright, colorful and pretty. Et Voila!! This is what I found. I like it, I can see little Pagan things in the little window (a hare, eggs, etc)


Lilac SilverFox said...

Lovely layout! I wish we could say the same, still sweater and usually coats and boots though as we got some more snow...blah...can't wait for Spring!

Anonymous said...

Lovely layout isn't it? I've been using it on mine for a while now.

Enjoy the spring!

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