Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big, Huge Apology

Ok, I just want to start off this with a huge apology for not blogging an the last few weeks. I'M SORRY!! I found a new job that has been keeping me busy & I've been exhausted when I get home. Also, if you already know, I'm a HUGE Robert Pattinson fan (Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga) and I've been working on that blog, as well. I also started a local group here in my city.

I started a Halifax Black Hat Society and was ironing out the kinks to get started. I know a lot off Pagans who were getting annoyed with one of the other Pagan groups in town. Our group is a purely social thing. We meet for coffee, do craft swaps, Mystic movie nights and so on & so forth. There's nothing formal about it, no specific topics to discuss, we don't hold rituals, as there are a few groups who already do. We are just a bunch of like-minded witches who gather for some good times, wearing our Black Hats as we go along. We have a Facebook group if you would like to join, just email me at for an invite if you are in the HRM. Sorry, if you do not live in the city or within a few 100 kms, we can't accept you. Participation is encouraged, but not necessary for all of our activities.

So, yeah, as I mentioned above, I have a new job in a way cool salon. Back on New Year's I did a working on myself to find the right job for me. I wrote down what I was looking for in a job, my expectations of my employer, etc. One night, my mom called to let me know of a tip she had heard about a job at a beauty supply store (they sell only to hairstylists) so the next day I went with my resumes and dropped one off. The lady who was working gave me a tip about a busy salon downtown that was looking. So, I went there, too and dropped off a resume. I had an impromptu interview with the owner/manager and the job was perfect for me, exactly what I had written in my working. I started the job the next week. So, after working with the girls there for just a few weeks, I feel like I was always working there. I fit right in, there is no drama, no stress, just a cool relaxed feeling. I even converted my boss to the Twilight Saga...hee hee!!

I had a quiet Ostara this year, nothing really was done, except I planted some herbs in my new window box and I can see little shoots coming through. I was invited to go to a friend's place for a ritual, but I had my son with me that wknd and didn't know how he would be in a new place with new faces (he has autism) I also started to put out some springy things out onto my patio, whirly-gigs, a garden fairy. I just have to find where I put my patio lights when I brought them in.

Brightest of Blessings to you all


Wizardess said...

Congrats on the job!! Happy to see you back posting. :)

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