Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome Spring!!

Well, it's almost here. That time of year when the Earth wakes up from it's winter slumber to bring forth new life. It's also my 1 year anniversary blogging...Yay!! Time does fly by when you're having fun.

I've been busy lately, now that my cold is history, I've been out hitting the streets looking for work and I may have found the perfect job for me. It's in a cute little salon dwntwn, I can set my own hours (perfect for a single working mom as myself), the boss seems really cool and it's mucho busy. ☺

My little salt dough crafts that I made in my last posting are just waiting to be painted now. It took a bit to get them completely dry, and I haven't had the time to paint them yet. I know, I'm procrastinating, a nasty habit I picked up while unemployed. Can I use the Olympics as my excuse?? I was hooked on them as my Team Canada outdid themselves.

So, I haven't forgot all about my little blog, winter brought out the blahs in me and there really wasn't a whole lot to write about, but as I see the sun hanging around a bit longer each night, robins flying in the trees, hints of green in the grass, snow melted away,I will feel more inspired to blog more often.

Love & Light,


Rue said...

Happy to hear you've recovered from your cold and might have a new job!

It's hard to come out of that Winter hibernation (and the Olympics didn't help) but the world is starting to wake up slowly...

It is so good to see signs of Spring finally!

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