Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Doing Some Cleaning Before the New Year Starts

So, I'm catching up on the blogs I follow yesterday. I love reading what others post, I learn a great deal of good info about things, get some new recipes and sometimes I see a link to another good blog. I follow so many great blogs out there and I am in the process of trying to get them listed and deleting the blogs that I hardly know, the blogs that haven't had a recent posting since, let's say, Ostara.

I also saw the numbers of who follow this blog...not including my BOS & Deities pages. I have approx 145 followers who follow me via Google or Networked Blogs on Facebook. That's a lot of followers for a blog that I've been writing on for such a short time. I did start blogging back in March, but I let things dwindle & didn't post very often. I probably was deleted off other's lists because of lack of postings. Then, back in early autumn, I felt as though I had to get back into the swing of things. I thank you all with my whole heart for following me & leaving such great comments. I do try to respond to them.. This means so much to me that people out there like my blog.

Now, as I said before I was reading some great blogs yesterday when I came across a really good idea from Mother Moon. She does a daily blog entry...isn't that a pip?? <--stole that phrase from my son's "In the Night Garden" DVD. I may try to do that, but if I have nothing important to write about, then I may skip a day (or 2). I'll try to tell you about books that I'm reading, the Pagan shops I go to (with links) and whatever comes to my mind. I'm also working on having a giveaway very soon. I've been making Spell Candle Boxes. Mine that is the guinea pig of them. I did post a few pix a couple of weeks back. I have about 50+ candles in mine, as well as my 6 holders. I'm a little anal about the designs & how they turn out. I want them to be amazing for the giveaway.

Anyway, I have to get going, my son wants to come on to play his games. Have a wonderful day today. Love & Light!!



Rue said...

I would love to blog daily. I don't always have the time or something to say though. I do love keeping up with everyone! Bloggers are such wonderfully interesting people!

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