Monday, December 21, 2009

My Solstice Day

Well, I went on a Pagan mini-roadtrip with my 3 new friends, Lisa, Heddy & Julia. We packed into Lisa's car & headed off on out little adventure to some cute little Pagan shops that I never knew existed. First, we went to a cute little shop called Sarah's Spiritual Treasures. It's about 15 minutes outside Halifax in a community called Lower Sackville. It is a small shop, but filled with wonderful goodies!! I was happy that finally found my fav. vanilla incense. I've been looking for it since last Ostara & no one was carrying it. Lisa found a cute little treasure, incense matches. She bought Frankincense, as there was no Sage. She had an idea to smudge her car with it. It smelled so yummy!! I found a good size chunk of clear quartz, it's about 2" big and it was only $8.00. I'm going to use it a my want topper after I charge it.

After departing Sarah's, we headed onto the highway for another 20 minute drive outside the city to Whimsical Cottage Soaps (not to be confused with the Etsy shop, The Whimsical Cottage). It was another small shop, located in the house of a very nice lady, Lori. She makes handmade soaps, lotions, etc. Her shop was filled to the ceiling with alot of awesomeness!! She has so many crystals, books, etc. She's also a Shaman, so there was a lot of native Mi' qmaq (pronounced Mig maw) drums, dream catchers, rattles. She treated us all to some chocolate, she must've sensed that we were getting hungry, as we didn't start our trip til after lunch. She had the cutest little salt & pepper shakers, they were cast iron cauldrons!! I fell in love with this store. I didn't get anything here, as much as I would have love to, but being jobless, my funds are tight for the time being. I will be back to this little gem of a shop. There were a few Faery necklaces that I loved, soaps I want, ok, I want the whole!!

We headed back on the road to the city. It was time to eat so we headed to a cute little diner for some grub, before going to Into the Mystic. They were doing tea leaves until 4pm. By the time we ate, it was after 4 and getting darker. We decided that we will go there another day...yay, another road trip!!! We dropped Heddy off at her place then I came home with Julia, as I lived near her bus stop to get her home in the "Darkside".

She hung out with me for a few hours. We talked about everything, from Paganism, to guys, stuff. It was really nice. Time flew by so fast & before we knew it, it was close to 10pm & she had to bid me & my 2 kitties farewell. All in all, it was a great day. We shared some laughs, chocolate and camaraderie. It was nice to be in the company of other Pagans who are genuine with their friendship, not deceitful, as others I have met were with me. I am glad to have my foot in the door to the local Pagan community here in Halifax. I'm meeting so many wonderful people who share a common spirituality with me. I feel the Goddess is blessing me in so many ways recently. I thank Her with my whole mortal heart.

So, I'm going now to welcome the sun, as it will be rising soon over the horizon. Have a Blessed Solstice/Yule. May the Goddess be with you in your journey.

Love & Light!! )☼(


Rue said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! I know what you mean about wanting everything in a shop - I am a shop-aholic when it comes to metaphysical things - and soap!

Anonymous said...

How lovely that you were a threesome...three is a lovely number!
Looks like you've left the "phoney" ones behind...good for you girl!
I'm so glad that you had a beautiful day...
Merry Midwinter!

Changing Girl said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! A great post!

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