Monday, September 20, 2010

Apples On A String...In this Case, Dental Floss

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go to a local Mabon Ritual in Point Pleasant Park. It was a beautiful autumn day, the sun was shining, the air was warm, the sky clear. I arrived at the park an hour before the time scheduled, so I could go to my favorite little place where I like to be still with my thoughts. I saw a couple of birds splashing in the cool water a few feet away from me. I could feel the magic in the air already, I knew that this day was going to be special.

I had prepared earlier that day by making homemade mac & cheese for the potluck, some loaves of bread and getting things in order. I slipped into the bath for a ritual bath with some scented water, while my son played his math game on the computer. I did a meditation and asked the Goddess for a blessing. I was told that today I was going to meet some who would have an effect on me. With this is mind, I set out for the park with Heather Alexander on my iPod and a good book to read on the bus.

About the time when the ritual was set to start, no one was where I was waiting. Did I go to the wrong place in the park?? It seemed so, I looked on a map and saw that I needed to go to the other side of the park to get to the rit on time. It's a fact in the Pagan community that nothing really starts on time, but I still don't like to be late for anything. So, I hustled my butt across the park, uphill carrying my food. I finally found where I was to go, thanks to a couple dressed in their robes setting up the ritual space. I went over to a picnic table and set down my food and sat down where a friend offered me a bottle of water. I was kinda sweaty & out of breath from rushing to get there.

After a bit, we got things rolling by casting the circle, whilst chanting. This was a different take on the ritual as it was a Dionysian type ritual. At one point after hearing the story of Pomona, we all were given an apple half with a coin (wrapped in saran wrap) pushed inside the core, hanging by a thread. We had to try to get the coin out of out neighbor's apple with as few bites as possible, taking turns. What a way to get to know the person standing next to you...mine just happened to be the guy I was on a blind date with.

After the ritual ended, we all sat down to where ever there was a spot free to eat all the delicious food from Earth's bounty (or the local grocery store). There were meats, cheeses, breads, hummous, corn bread, etc. This was a feast!! For the desserts there were apple crisp, cinnamon rolls, cake, apples, etc. My poor stomach was not a huge as my eyes, but I tried a bit of everything.

The people at the ritual were very nice, and someone from my facebook came over to talk to me. She was cool, we shared a few laughs while we ate. Talked about the joys of dating again, in front of my blind date. I just hope he didn't feel awkward about out discussion. I don't think he did, as he was putting his 2 cents in, too. So, overall, I had a great day at the ritual, learned some new things, met some cool people (blind date incl) and lots of laughs (even during the ritual).



Cyndi Brannen said...

He did seem like a good least he listened to everything I blabbed on about it.

I came across this and thought I'd send it along. It's a Practical Magic blog party:

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