Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Blog Award

Ok, I got another blog award and you know what?? I read what Celia had written on her blog (Secret Dairy of a Mountain Witch) about how these blog awards are like blogging chain letters. I never thought of it until I read her blog...if I'm going to be awarded something, I shouldn't have to follow rules, state 30 things about myself & nominate other blogs. So, after receiving this my 4th blog award, I will no longer follow the rules. If you want to nominate me, that's fine, but I will not be spamming other's comments letting them know I have a blog award for them. Awards should be given on merit & not because you feel the need to follow a stupid rule. Thanks & Blessed Be, )O( Rowan


Anonymous said...

Rowan...I know just how you feel!
These things are okay at first, then they start becomming a nuisance...taking up time that we don't really have.
They aren't really worth getting...they don't have any "meaning" at all...strangers are passing them on to us just to offload them.
I think I've upset a few people...well, these "awards" have "upset" me and nobody seems to care!
Glad you're not going to let them control you too!
Do you want my cauldron...he he!

The Traveler said...

I've noticed a few people are upset that opinions differ here. Personally I took Celia's cauldron and thank her heartily for it =). With 4 kids and a husband (titular 5th kid, lol) I don't have time to do all that. That and if I'm going to share personal details about myself and my life I'll do it because I want or need to share it, not because some award is demanding it of me =).

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