Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Countdown is On!!!

So, it's the first day of October, how exciting!!! The chill is in the air, the leaves are starting to change and Samhain is around the corner. At my house, I've been decorating up a storm & it's still not finished. My "unused" diningroom is my Samhain room. That's where the most of the decorating has taken place. I haven't updated my altar as of yet. Between now & Samhain, my family may show up & since I am still in the broom closet...

As the month progresses, or this week, I will be posting pix of my decorating efforts. I will be adding to my Rubbermaid containers of stuff this year.

We all know that Samhain is a time of reflection of those who have gone on before us. As it is a joyous Sabbat, it is also one that brings memories of those we lost to the forefront. In my household, I will be hosting a "Dumb Supper" with my son, before I take him out Trick or Treating, to honour my family members who have past on, as well as friends who are no longer here with me.

After sending my son off to bed, I will be honouring the Sabbat with my deities. This will be my 3rd Samhain ritual I will be doing as a solitary & my 4th Samhain ever. My first was back in '93 in a coven setting.

Have a Blessed October


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