Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!

Well, it's another Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. The autumn chill is in full swing, the leaves are changing into their autumn looks, shades of reds, oranges and golds are everywhere. Looking in the grocery stores are all the gourds, fall vegetables and turkeys for sale. Bakeries are baking & selling pumpkin pies, apple pies, all sorts of fall treats.

This year, however, I will not be taking part in the whole Turkey-day festivities. Why, you ask?? Well, for a few reasons. It's my son's weekend to spend with his father, so the idea of me cooking a Thanksgiving dinner is a little pointless when it's just me home alone with 2 cats. I also had to work this weekend, so I couldn't go home to my family's for dinner (I don't even think Mom's cooking anything special) and I have a bunch of housework to keep me busy for the long weekend (laundry, dishes, changing the litter box, garbage, etc).

I do like this holiday, not just because I get a paid day off from work, either. I love being with my family & friends back at home. I love my mom's roast turkey dinner, that I help cook with her. It's just us 2 in the kitchen, bonding over boiling carrots & potatoes. Since I don't like pumpkin pie (hearing gasps from all you readers), Mom usually makes me my favourite pie, lemon meringue. I will be taking Mark home next weekend where we'll have a belated Thanksgiving dinner. I will also be taking him to a corn maze, where we can pick a pumpkin for Samhain, go on a hayride and play in those bouncy castes thingies. It will be a lot of fun. We'll also go walking through the park, look at the waterfalls, hike through the trails in the woods and then go play in the playground.

I am looking forward to next weekend, my Thanksgiving with my family, eating the wonderful food, sharing laughs across the dinner table and being thankful for all that we have in this life. The Gods have blessed us with many things and even though this is a secular holiday, based on our Harvest Sabbats, giving thanks is always appreciated.

Blessed Be )O(


Mother Moon said...

yum... I am envious of your feast... eat a little turkey & dressing for me... enjoy...

Rue said...

Happy Thanksgiving from a fellow Canadian! Do enjoy your long-weekend anyway, and have a lovely meal next weekend!

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