Friday, October 30, 2009

A Quick Note

Got an email this morning in my inbox concerning the "History of Samhain" posting that I had to remove. The reason I was told to remove it was of the usual internet copyright stuff. Lady Spring Wolf has had people use her stuff on their websites (without due credit), one was even using it to lure young women, which, apparently, were assaulted. Since they traced things back to her site, she had to go through a lot to clear her name. Because if this, her lawyers advised that she copyright her website.

I do appreciate a reader who wrote to Lady Spring Wolf, presenting a very good reason as to why I should have kept it up. Stating that I did end the post with credit to whoever originally wrote it, but I forgot who, which I did state. They also mentioned that had I not posted it, they wouldn't have found it. They also wrote some very nice things about my blog. Thank you, G ((hugs))

Lady Spring Wolf is still not letting me post the article. As a note, someone, not naming names, should stop her childish behavior, it's getting rather tedious, you're older than me, act like it.


greekwitch said...

I am sorry you had all that trouble. I loved the pumpking carving.

Unknown said...

Bummer. I can see where she is coming from but still, it is not like you were claiming her work. As to the other, some people just never grow up.

Rue said...

Thats too bad! I think anyone who states that text is not their own, and gives credit when they can, is surely not out for profit from someone else's work! I agree with you - people really need to grow up!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Rowan...
Is this the same person that you mentioned in an earlier post?

If appears that she is copying the blogs that you follow...she's going round us all...including me!
Funny she removed a comment...(which wasn't at all nasty)...which I left on the same post about you...I thought that she shouldn't be airing her dirty laundry in "The Land Of Blog"...obviously she didn't agree!
She even blocked her comments!

Wonder why she's now following me?!

Aren't folks strange...?

Hope you all have a great Samhain...good luck with your "friend".

Rowan LeBoutillier said...


I did see your comment you wrote before she deleted it & moved her blog domain. I totally agree with you on what you said. I had to block her on Facebook, as well,as she was going into my notes section, photos and copying there, too.

She reported me to Lady Spring Wolf, then posted on her blog that she was reported about the same article...she wasn't, the author told me so. This is her childish way of trying to get under my skin. While it is annoying, if that's how she wants to play, I'm not playing her game with her. There is nothing genuine about at all

Is she copying anything from your blog?? I notice, too that she never has any comments it because they are blocked or that no one cares??

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...what a sad individual she is...
Was she always this way with you...I don't know how you coped...really.

If anything of mine is know me...I never play the game!

I saw how she was trying to get to childish and silly...she must be very lonely...maybe that's why she's started following everyone...maybe she needs more attention.
I'm glad you're not falling for her tactics...she might get the message in the end!
And who would want to leave her a comment?

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