Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My New Faery

Ok, been down in the dumps lately...between getting dumped and problems with my son at school, I needed a little pick me up. What better way than with a new Faery. I just love her!! Everytime I go into the shop that sells them, I say I'm just going to look, but always come out with a new one, go figure!!

Since starting my Faery collection last winter, I have about a dozen now. I find them in the oddest places, from drugstores, to gas stations. They seem to find me. They are all over my apt, except my son's room, for obvious reasons. Some glow in the dark, one is a trinket box, I even have a Witch Faery.

If you click onto the Faery label, you'll see my other faeeries I have.

)O( Blessings


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. I like Faeries also but have not started my own collection yet. I hope to soon.

Rue said...

Love your fairy!

Sorry about the breakup - it's such a let down when something ends. But better things are in the cards for you - seems like perhaps the fairies know something about that...

Mother Moon said...

I love your fairy... I am like you and collect them from odd places... It is funny how each one draws you into them in a special way.... she is beautiful

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