Saturday, October 3, 2009

October's Full Moon

Full Moon energy is used for banishing, protection and divination. It is a time for maximum power. The Hunter’s Moon is the first full moon after the harvest moon, which is the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox. The cold weather returns. Herds are culled for winter slaughter.

Candle colour for this moon is deep red, symbolic of the colour of shed blood from the herds, and of the game. It is a time for Inner cleansing, justice, balance, and inner harmony.

In the northern hemisphere, the Hunter’s Moon appears in October or November, usually in October.
Traditionally, it was a feast day in parts of western Europe and among some Native American tribes, called simply the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon.

“As it was and remains today,

Death feeds life,

And life honours death.

Come to me my prey!

I will give you a good death,
And praise you With my breath.”

The Hunter’s Moon is also known as the Blood or Sanguine Moon as traditionally this was around the time that surplus livestock would be slaughtered before the onset of Winter. As life grows so shall it wither, and this manifestation of the moon should be reflected in any ritual. Without closure we cannot begin a cycle anew as nature dictates. Use the balancing energy of the Blood Moon to even out extremes in your life, and to make preparations for hard times.


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