Thursday, November 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Well, so far November is going by without a hitch. I went to the Witch's Ball last weekend, met a lot of great folks there. See posting below about it. Had a really great time!!

Found a few more blogs to follow, as if I need to follow anymore, but I can't resist. I hope to be adding more Buttons to my new Button scroll thingie **Thanks, Bella** So, if you have a button,let me know, I'll add it. Speaking of Blog Buttons, I think it's time for me to update mine. Now that I have a more fitting picture up top, I should have a button that reflects that, right??

I found a new (to me) online Pagan shop. It's called Sacred Mists Shoppe. They have a ton of wonderful goodies for sale. From altar supplies, to clothing to bath & body, even mineral makeup. I want one of everything they, seriously, I do. I ordered some silver & gold mini candles, as I find them hard to find at a good price, and I also ordered a Yule altar basket. They take PayPal, which is great. I also found while surfing on eBay, 2 Celestial mini candle holders and a purple & black Pentacle altar cloth. These are my Yule gifts to myself.

I've also been doing some major housecleaning in my BOS. You see, a while back I was given a lot of pages (a couple hundred, approx.) that my so-called "mentor" printed off for me. All she did was Google a ton of stuff and did it up in a 3-ring binder. I knew what she did, but being a nice person, I didn't call her out on it when I should have. So, for the past day, I've been going through what she gave me (what a waste of good paper, not very Pagan of such wastage to deceive) and tossing most of it in the recycling bin. A lot of it repeated itself, repeatedly. Recycle. Since I received this "gift" around Imbolc last year, there was a lot of Imbolc stuff that, again, repeated itself. With all that repeating, she should've been more careful proof-reading what she was passing off to me, right?? That was how I knew she was Googling. So about 80% of what she gave me is now going to be recycled & made into new products that would serve a better purpose than what she intended for me.

I found a great book over the summer that I'm finally getting a chance to read now. I got behind with my reading when I was momentarily caught up in an "eMance" with a guy I met online. I should've listened to my gut about him, but nooooo, I had to lose myself over a wee bit of testosterone. Anyway, I digress. This book is called "Faery Magick" by Sirona Knight. I love it so far, and I just started it last night. I'm about 1/2 way through it already. It has some really great ways to build a faery circle, spells, rituals to attract different faeries to you, as well as tales about the Wee Folk. If you're into the Fae, I do recommend this book.

Anyhoo, I have to get going, I have witchy things to do around the house, things to pick up at Little Mysteries and finish my errands I have to get done on my day off. No rest for the "wicked", huh??

)O( Blessed Be,


Mother Moon said...

busy little bee... but then really that is usually a good thing... It always seems that this time of year is a busy time with the holidays and such... your book sounds good.. I will have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the Sacred Mist store. LOL They are one of my guilty pleasures when I need some "retail therapy".

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