Monday, November 23, 2009

New Goodies

So, I needed a pick-me-up yesterday, I headed into my Pagan store to look around. Ok, I just can't go in & look around without getting something. I ended leaving the store after about a half hour with a goodie-bag filled with assorted crystals, new Sandalwood incense and a book.

The book is called, "Spellcraft for Hedge Witches" by Rae Beth. I'm not at all familiar with her & her writings. I started into the book last night before going to sleep. I like it, in spite of the fact I know nothing of the author. If any of you out there know about her, let me know.

My little goodie bag of crystals had about 9 stones on it, along with descriptions of them. I got a clear quartz, moonstone, jasper, 2 pyrite, jade, kyanite, blue lace agate, & magnesite. The only stone without a description was the magnesite, which resembles a wad of chewed up gum. I Googled it and this is what I found:

"helps with motivation, visualization, grounds intellect, cell purification, convulsions, bones and teeth and helps lessen PM


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