Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Post-Samhain Letdown

I know a lot of people this week are feeling a bit out of sorts. Between celebrating Samhain and the time change (here in N.America), I don't blame them. We just celebrated the New Year, visited with our ancestors and had the most joyous few weeks in a while. It's like we all got hyped up on getting things ready for the Sabbat, from house cleaning, decorating, preparing things, we may have run ourselves a bit thin.

This is what I like to refer to as the Post-Samhain Letdown (PSL). Actually, this can happen after many of the Sabbats, depending how much work & effort you put into preparing for them. I know some who get this way after Beltaine. The excitement is gone for another year, decorations are being put away and you feel this emptiness. Don't worry, it's only a temporary thing, it will go away. It's kind of like going through Samhain withdrawals, but without the shakes, night sweats, etc. You feel tempted to raid your child's treat bag for that little sugar rush, to remind you of the excitement. Don't do it, put the candy bar down & move slowly from the bag!!

Samhain coincided this year with the time change, here in North America. Talk about getting all wonky on top of the PSL. Sure you get that extra hour of sleep, but it does take a bit to get used to a whole hour difference. That makes some, me included, a little discombobulated. I have no problem with jet-lag when I travel, but a whole hour difference throws me into a tailspin. Not a good combination with PSL & the time changing. Move away from that candy bar!!

Try not to let things get you down, ok?? I've been keeping busy this week with work, blogging, my son, etc. I haven't had a moment to dwell on the whole "Samhain is over for another year", as well as a recent break-up (long story, not going there). I've been meditating each night to relax after my day is over. Been catching up on my reading that I neglected when involved with my "ex".

So, try to keep yourself busy, don't let things get overwhelming. Go for a long walk, reconnect with the Goddess, meditate, take long relaxing baths (with the door locked so no one can disturb you), get you hair done. Just know that PSL is only a short-term thing that won't last long.

)O( Blessed Be,


Carolina Gonzalez said...

So True! I am fighting the PSL joining a new witchy forum to keep my mind busy too. Meeting new people is a great therapy!

Mother Moon said...

how funny PSL.... I like it... we were fortunate here to have beautiful weather starting the first of November and still going strong... mid to upper 70s... I have spent much time out doors enjoying the sunshine... I will admit that I do miss all the blogging.... there is a definate decrease.....

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