Monday, November 9, 2009

I went to the Witch's Ball

So, I went to the Witch's Ball on Saturday night. I was a little hesitant about going, as I was going solo. It was a costume ball at a quaint little bar in downtown Halifax, called the Seahorse Tavern. It's located in bar-central, in the basement of a restaurant. It is known as Halifax's oldest bar.

I dressed as a witch...but a classy witch. I wore my little black dress, my cloak, pointy hat and ankle boots. I felt a little out of my comfort zone, as the dress is a wee bit low-cut, so there was boobage. I wore my favourite pentacle on a long chain. My hair was big, the eyelashes were on, lips were red. If you saw me, you'd think I was just another party-goer going downtown for some fun (which I was), except for the pointy witchy hat.

The ball started at 9pm, I arrived a little after 10pm. I felt awkward, not knowing if there would be anyone I knew that would be there. I didn't see anyone at first, but then my facebook friend, Lisa came over to the door. I remembered that she told me she would be in a toga. I said hi & told her who I was. We hugged and ended up hanging out all night. She introduced me to members of her coven & her High Priestess.

There were about 5 bands playing that night. That first was a techno (??) type duo who were speaking their lyrics to heavy beats. When they finished, there was a belly dancer who did 2 numbers to Loreena McKennitt music. After she was finished, another band came on, they played a salsa/zydeco type rhythm music. They had a lot more people on the dance floor. You could feel the energy rising in the whole bar. About half of the attendees were in costume, some were very creative (the wolfman dude was cool).

I met a whole bunch of new Pagans. They were so nice. We shared our stories about how we came to our path in life, and just some general girl talk (guys, clothes, etc). While we sat at the booth chatting, there was a fire-eater performing. Things got a bit touchy with her set, as the bar has a low ceiling, but thankfully there was no fire. After she finished, a Sudanese drum band came out. They were awesome!!! Talk about rhythm in the place. All you could see was a full bar of dancing Pagans. Loved it!! I did leave during the last band, as it was already around 2am and this witch isn't used to staying up that late.

All in all, I had a blast!! The people I met were genuine, nice and now friends on facebook.


Mother Moon said...

so very glad to hear you decided to go... and that you had such a good time.... good for you....

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