Friday, January 1, 2010

Imbolg Postings

Well, another year has past & a new one has arrived. I spent my day de-decorating my place, as my son is at his father's. This has always been a tradition in my family to take down our holiday decorations on the 1st day of January. When I was still living at my parents', we always did it with the Tournament of Roses Parade on TV in the background. We would occasionally stop to glance at the wonderfully decorated floats, going along the road in Pasadena, CA. I could never get over seeing the sun shining bright, looking like summer on the TV. Today, the air was chilly, the sky was overcast and as I took things down & packed them away, the snow started. Fast forward to 4 hours later, the snow is still coming down ever so gently. There is a calm in the air.

I got an email last night from my friend, Lisa, I had posted on my Facebook that Imbolg was only 32 days away. She sent me a link to a video from Lisa Thiel. So, that got me started. I know we just finished with Yule/Solstice, but as we all know, Sabbats occur every 6 weeks. I dug around in my BOS for some info on this Sabbat. I have tons of stuff on it, that I will be adding as it gets closer. I have recipes, chants, lore, crafts, etc. It was my 1st major Sabbat that I observed last year. I have plans for making a wreath this year to hang on my new front door. I will be posting a new slideshow in the upper right-hand corner with some beautiful Imbolg images I've been collecting throughout the year.

I am a blogger who will be trying to post at least once a day, but if I miss a worries. That's why I have a button about "Blogging without Obligation" I don't do the whole automated blogging. It's not me. It's an impersonal way to blog. You can copy & paste info months ahead and on a scheduled date, it magickally appears. There's no personality to it. If you do it, good for you, but I think blogs should have a bit of you in it. Automated blogging is a lazy way of blogging, in my opinion. I can see using once & a while, but for all your postings??

Anyway, I'm sitting at my pc, sipping my Cranberry Green Tea, watching the snow fall. What a perfect way to start the new year off. I hope that you all had a most Blessed New Year's last night and that the Blue Moon energized your spirit.

Love & Light!! )O(


Rue said...

I don't blog everyday either - I just can't. I want my posts to be an accurate picture of my life, not just stuff thrown up there to fill a day.

I'm looking forward to Imbolc too! Can't wait to see your tips, recipies, and such!

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