Friday, January 1, 2010


The Earth begins to stir from her long winter slumber. As the days’ lengthening becomes perceptible, many candles are lit to hasten the warming of the earth and emphasize the reviving of life. “Imbolc” is from Old Irish, and may mean “in the belly”, and Oimelc, “ewe’s milk”, as this is the lambing time.

We sense the rising of sap in the trees, the awakening of seeds deep in the soil and the promise of the coming Spring. The thaw releases waters (Brigid is also a goddess of holy wells), all that was hindered is let flow at this season.
Imbolc means in the belly, or quickening. It is the time of the stirring of life within the Mother Goddess. The seeds of personal growth, which slept within us at Yule, begin to germinate.

Imbolc is a time of preparation and purification when we clear out old clutter and make way for new growth. Spring cleaning or the taking out of the old was done at this time. This purification process is both external and internal, spring cleaning time for our souls as well as our homes. Homes are cleaned both physically and energetically to create an environment for optimal creativity, balance and joy in the coming growing season. Fire ceremonies and other spiritual clearing rituals are performed for spiritual cleansing and blessing.

This holiday is a traditional time for initiations and dedicating oneself to new levels of spiritual exploration & commitment. Initiations and dedications are transformational ceremonies, which quicken new growth and invite our spirit allies to support us in the next phase of our evolutionary journey.


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