Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rowan Faery ~ Teresa Moorey

The rowan faery is strong and protective, yet feminine and very magical. Norse myth tells that the first woman was formed from a rowan, while the ash formed the first man. Rowan is reported to have saved the life of the god Thor by bending over a swift river where he was drowning and enabling him to pull himself out. The Druids used incense made from rowan wood to conjure spirits, yet the rowan faery has such a grounding influence that she can connect you with the Otherworld while keeping you firmly in this world. Rowan protects against superstition and fosters a positive attitude. The rowan is planted near homes, for protection and insight.

The rowan faery is one of the most helpful of all, for she values the matters of this world and seeks to establish a connection with the subtle realms. She repels intruders firmly, yet invites interchange between the realms of being. Rowan is very powerful near stone circles and barrow-mounds, for her abilities are enchanced in these places. Her power will come with you if you carry rowan berries in your pocket, to where the water meets the land--and this can inspire you to write poetry.

**Courtesy of Margaret Mullins**


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