Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Oh, I've been a distracted little witch this week. I've been on Facebook playing one of their apps, called YoVille. It's a virtual little town where you go to work, earn coins to buy furniture for you apt, or buy a house, decorate, trade gifts with other YoVillians (nickname). I have a ritual room in my apt and I traded for a cauldron this week. It was a leftover Hallowe'en decoration. If you're on this app, look me up, I'm Silverstar.

Okey-dokey, I bought myself a couple of belated birthday gifts last week. I got a sterling silver Triple moon pendant, that has a moonstone in it. I also bought myself a sterling silver Pentacle ring.. I took some pix of my witchy jewellry which I'll share with you all:

My Pentacle ring

My Lucky Charms

My Ankh

My Pentacle necklace w/ moon phases

My Greenman on a black ribbon

My Spiral necklace


I'm So Pretty said...

Those are gorgeous pieces of jewelry!!!! Enjoy wearing them :)

Rue said...

Beautiful jewelry! I love the silver chain with pendants!

I'm addicted to Farmville. I really need to stop...sometime....

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous jewelry! I especially love the triple moon pendant.

As for Yoville, I became unhealthily obsessed with that, Farmville and Facebook in general. After taking a long hard look at my days and realizing that I was interacting more with fake sheep, I trashed them all and now I feel so much better : )

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