Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Update

Well, I'm hoping that the employment drought will soon be over. I have a job interview this Tuesday for a salon that's opening up a new shop. I saw their ad on Kijiji last Monday & quickly emailed off my CV. They called me this afternoon & set up an interview for this Tuesday. Yay!!

There was an Imbolg ritual this evening. I didn't go to that, but I am planning on doing my own, privately at home. It's also the Full Moon, I am going to do my ritual tonight after I post this. I'm going to ask the Goddess to guide me with my job interview. I wrote down what I want for this job, from salary expectations, to flexibility with my schedule with my son. Hopefully, the Great Mother will see that I will no longer be jobless. It's only been 2 months, but that's 2 months too long in my books.

I was busy this week doing hair out of my home. I have a couple of friends who came by this week to get their hair cut & flat-ironed. On Lisa's hair, I flat-ironed hers first, as she has very curly hair and then proceeded to give her a trim & put some shape back into her hair. Karen came the next day for a whole new look. She had a basic, all one length bob, to her shoulders. It wasn't really doing anything to her face, but over-power it. I gave her an inverted bob (A frame, asymmetrical bob, etc). I took off about 4-5" off the back, cutting at her hairline at the nape and gradually tapering longer towards the front. I also snuck in some subtle layers to take off some heaviness off her hair on the sides. Now, Karen normally doesn't wear a bang, but a gave her a long side-swept bang that she can tuck behind her ear. Now, stupid me, forgot to take before & after pix of both haircuts. They turned out bomb!! It was a great boost to my ego the reactions I got from both ladies. My former boss thought I should get out of hairdressing, saying I was terrible at it. I just didn't live up to his standards, I guess, but it was enough for me to doubt myself.

I also joined a group on my YoVille game. You can join clubs with like-minded individuals. This one is called, "The Goddess Sanctuary" We are a group of about 7 Witches/Pagans who get together and discuss various topics. Last night's was about grounding & meditation. We all buddy up so we can get together easily. I guess I have inspired some ladies of the group with my virtual ritual room I made in my apt there. It's an indoor garden with a waterfall. I'm glad to see others making ponds, stone circles, etc, as their own way of communing with the Goddess online. I guess this is my way of planting things, in an online garden, nothing dies on me...Lol!!

Anyway, I see that the Moon is in view now, so I shall commune with Lady Luna. May the Goddess bless you tonight with the power of the Moon

Love & Light


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