Sunday, January 10, 2010

Into the Mystic

I know I really haven't posted a lot this week, been a little pre-occupied with things. My apt got new windows & a new front door, so I really couldn't leave my place or go on the pc (too much noise to concentrate).

On Monday I went out with my friends, Lisa & Julia to go get our Tea Leaves read at Into the Mystic. It's another Pagan store over in Dartmouth, we missed going there on our last roadtrip. When we got there, we found out that the lady who does the Tea Leaves was out on vacation til next week. The owner, Donna, said she reads Russian cards, so we opted for that instead. The shop also has a tea room where we sat & had a cup before our readings. Lisa got a coconut chai, Julia got the chocolate chai & me...well, I could make up my mind, all the teas smelled delicious. I ended up making my decision based on a tied & true method: Eenie, meenie, miney, moe. I had the chocolate chai, too.

Lisa went first with Donna up to the loft that overlooks the shop. They have 2 Arabesque tents where they do readings in. While she was getting her reading done, Julia & I sat & enjoyed our tea, chatting, playing with a magnetic pendulum board & perusing the shop. I found a lot more goodies that I want to get next time I'm out there.

About a 1/2 hr later, Lisa came down & Julia went up for her reading. During her reading, a few customers came in wanting to go upstairs to see the tents, but couldn't as there was a reading going on. Another lady (a regular customer?) came in & got a tea and chatted with the other employee who was cleaning the jewellry. When Julia came down, this lady went up for her reading. I was miffed that she "butted" in the queue. They only do readings from noon til 4pm and it was already after 3pm.

A little while later, even though it felt like forever, they came down, Donna made more tea for us & took me upstairs for my reading. I never saw cards like the ones she had. They were gorgeous!! She said she's been reading them for 25 yrs. The cards are a little tricky to describe, but I'll try anyway. Each card has 4 halves of a picture, the card is divided up with an X shape. After all the cards are laid out onto the table, it becomes like a matching game. You make up a complete picture by moving adjacent cards to complete an image. The cards have to be beside each other or on top of each other, no diagonal matching. Does this make sense?? Donna said that an average reading yields about 4-5 images, I had 6. The interpretation of the images' position, whether reversed, rightside, or sideways give a whole new meaning. I had a good reading, even though my 1st card was in reverse. It was an Anchor,meaning instability, but all the other cards came up excellent. I even got a money card!! That means that money is coming my way, but it's money like a bonus, not like winning the lottery. I enjoyed my reading. I won't post all the cards & the meanings, as that would take a lot of time & you have better things to do than read my!!

After that, she read my palm, too, as she is learning how to read them. I have a really great lifeline, very strong then it gradually fades away under my Mound of Venus. I don't know too much about Palmistry, I may have to look into that form of divination, as it is uncharted territory.

So that was my reading from last Monday. I had fun hanging out with Julia & Lisa. Great girls they are (I know they read this so I better be good ;-) LOL!! )


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with friends. I wish there was a place like that around here.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to spend the day and that reading sounds so magical.

Rue said...

My friend has these cards! She calls them her gypsy tarot cards - I love them. They do give great readings. 6 images is good!

Glad you had a great time (even with the rude woman who butted it!)

PS - joined your FB page!

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