Wednesday, September 9, 2009

13 Virtues of A Witch

1. Tolerance: The idea of this virtue is to be able to be fair and broad-minded. There may be people you don't like in this world but at least if you
can tolerate them you will not end up hating people, or judging them
unfairly. To be able to tolerate something means that it won't bother
you. Silly unimportant things in life won't stress you out as you
will be able to accept that people do things differently or sometimes
things just happen.

2. Charity: The ability to give to those less fortunate then you shows two
things. One that you realize your life is not as bad as you may
think. You can recognize the good things you have and the fortunes
you hold. Two you will be able climb the spiritual ladder, knowing
that you can think of others and help them when possible. Being
charitable eliminates being selfish, which only serves to make you
bitter, twisted and unpopular.

3. Humility: To be able to see when you are wrong helps you to build yourself a better character. To see your own faults will allow you to realize
that you are not perfect and therefore not expected to get everything
right. Humility helps us to be modest, to see that we are no better
than anyone else and to be able to accept other people's help when we
need it.

4. Devotion: Devotion allows you to commit to something fully. Devoting yourself to things you believe in gives your life a purpose and meaning. By
devoting yourself to a religion you take on a set of guidelines to
follow that help you live as a moral and decent person that you can
be comfortable with. Devoting yourself to your kids allows you to be
happy in knowing that you have brought them up well and done the best
you can. Devotion to anything will give you a sense of
satisfaction. Your life wont be meaningless as you will have
achieved things that were important to you.

5. Patience: Patience allows you to see the best of things. If you are patient
enough to see a task through to the end you will reap the rewards.
If you are patient enough to work with handicapped kids you will see
the real people in the shells that are often neglected and ignored.
If you are patient enough to hear someone out you may be surprised at
what you learn. If you can be patient you will never miss out on
anything that others may give up on. Patience brings infinite
rewards at very little cost, all you have to do is be able to wait
for the end of a situation.

6. Kindliness: To be able to be kind, considerate, gentle and sympathetic make you all the more attractive. No matter what people will be able to
approach you and you will be able to handle any given situation.
People wont fear you or fear what you will say to them. Filling
yourself with love of this sort will attract the same sort of love
back to you. A person full of kindliness cannot be judged wrongly
for all people will be bale to see is the good in you.

7. Forbearance: Forbearance is the ability to have self-control. There will be times when you want to scream and shout but you need to be able to refrain
from saying anything you may regret. Think things through properly
or you could end up in trouble. Forbearance allows you to wait for
the right moment so that you can sort things out calmly.

8. Sincerity: Sincerity is a virtue that people cannot help but respect. A sincere person acts honestly and without falseness. To act with sincerity
means you wont have to pretend to like something or someone. It does
not mean that you can go around shooting your mouth off or hurting
others feelings; you still have to exercise restraint and diplomacy.
However people will not doubt tings you say if you act with sincerity
at all times. People will know that you are genuine.

9. Courage: Courage in this instance does not mean running off to fight wild
animals or defeat monsters. Courage can be as little as facing a
situation that you have been putting off for a while. To have
courage is to be able to go through life knowing that you did what
you had to do no matter what the cost. Courage enables us all to
face the hard times in life in order to receive the rewards and
benefits on the other side.

10. Precision: To act with precision is to act carefully and with clarity.
Precision allows us to avoid confusion and mistakes and to achieve
the best in any given situation. A precise person will be able to go
about life in an orderly fashion, not getting caught up in tasks that
are unimportant. Precision allows us to know what we want and how
to go about getting it therefore increasing our chance of

11. Efficiency: Efficiency allows us to do our best in anything we set out to do. It helps us lead more organized lives. Efficiency is the ability to do
something well and only using the amount of time and energy that is
needed. Being efficient is being able to work quickly and effectively
in an organized way, therefore allowing more time for other
activities in your life.

12. Discrimination: This is not discrimination against certain types of people. This is the ability to see the differences between two actions, two people,
two situations etc. Discrimination helps us think through all
possibilities and decide which is the best course of action. It
allows us to choose the best person for a job or the best object to
be used. It even means being able to discriminate between good and
bad. A person who has good discrimination will be able to see both
sides of everything and work from there. Their judgments will be
fair and based on facts as well as common sense.

13.Wisdom: Wisdom has nothing to do with education. You cannot judge people's
wisdom by how far in school they did or didn't get. Wisdom comes
from life experience. It is the best tool for giving people good
advice and helping them out of tricky situations. Wisdom is the
ability to see what is for the best and when or when not to act.


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I love this and if you don't mind I would like to print it out for my BOS.

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Sure, that's no problem

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This is perfect.

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