Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Samhain/Hallowe'en Goodies

Here are some more things I got over the weekend for my place.

There are, from left to right: A grim reaper gatekeeper, witchy candle holder, Witches Laundry, Witch Tree. In the back is a cackling witch who cackles when you touch her. I also have Witch Hat garland in front.

My new/old Altar cloth I got back in March on clearance.


Candie said...

these are awesome!I have a few things out as well, and as the time approaches, I'll be putting more out. You've given me some good ideas:)

Rowan LeBoutillier said...

I went to Michael's, They have a ton of stuff!! I just wish I could afford everyhting there )O(

Bridgett said...

I wish we had a Michael's around here! We have a Craft 2000 and it had a lot of stuff...but nothing cool like this!

I love the witch hat strands...too cute!


Changing Girl said...

Aww! The Witches doing laundry is adorable! and I love the tree. Great Finds )0(

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