Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Pagan Wishlist

As I receive the items on this list, I will check them off:

  • A larger cauldron, so I don't burn myself anymore.

  • A wand, preferably made out of Rowan, but if not, that's ok.

  • A censor.

  • A Boline, to assist with magickal workings.

  • More candles, a witch can never have enough.

  • A mortar & pestle, so I can make my own insense, grind herbs, etc.

  • A Goddess/God statue for my altar.

  • Some pretty fabric to make new altar cloths.

  • Books on the Craft, I can never stop learning.

  • A candle snuffer.

  • Runes, I've always wanted to learn them.

  • Some more crystals, like candles, I can never have enough.

  • Some essential oils & herbs

  • A chrystal ball for scrying


Bridgett said...

Yup. Your list sounds very much like mine. :)


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