Monday, September 7, 2009

My Weird Dream From the Full Moon

This is my dream I had early this morning after I fell back to sleep. I wrote it in my dream journal as soon as I woke up.

In my dream, I was walking with Mark on a sunny afternoon next to a lake in the city (this lake has been in other dreams, too). The sidewalk was on the right side of the lake as we walked in a eastward direction (the sun was at our backs). It was a nice walk, Mark was being his usual inquisitive self. We came upon a non-descript beige house. There was nothing fancy about it except its front steps. There were 6 steps leading up to a landing & 6 steps down the other side, like a pyramid. In front of the steps, there was a stone walkway shaped like a C. I noticed some Pagan-type house decorations near the house. I took Mark & we went up to the front door. We were greeted by a woman who has light brown hair, either pulled back or short, who was about my age. I told her I liked her house decorations. She smiled & showed me what else she had. Mark went outside to play.

She did introduce herself to me, but I can't remember her name. I said that she reminded me of a girl I knew in school back in Truro. She said she was from Truro, too, but I didn't know her. Her house was full of mystical things: books, artwork, jewellry she made. We sat down at a huge round wooden table with a floral centerpiece. There was a slightly older couple sitting waiting for me. The woman was in her mid-forties with shoulder length blonde hair, dressed in a simple dress with little pastel flowers on it. The man seated next to her had dark hair thinning on top, dressed in a light blue crew neck sweater, they all looked very suburban.

We talked around the table, drinking tea. The man smiled & listened mostly. The brunette woman sat to my right, the blonde across from me & the man to my left. The brunette took my hand & told me that I come from a very magical line of people. It skipped a generation or 2, but I am definitely one, as well as Mark. The the blonde said something strange. She told me that my family knows about me being a witch (still in the closet, btw), that my older brother told them his suspicions. **NOTE: I was asked by my father back in the early spring when my brother started saying stuff about me. My "friend" told me that her 2 Elders of the Craft told her my mom went snooping in my stuff when she came for a visit shortly after, this was when I had to pick Mark up from school & left her alone in my apt. I had moved my stuff to another hiding spot before she came, not where these 2 "Elders" said she snooped.**

They also said something about a mark on my right eye, something like a magical mark (???). I didn't understand that, but then I woke up when I felt Mark crawling into bed with me, so I couldn't ask them what they meant. I don't know who these people were, if they are my spirit guides, Deities, or what. Any thoughts??


Anonymous said...

This is all way too deep and meaningful for me to leave a glib comment!
Maybe you could try meditating for a while ...just closing your eyes and relaxing and see if anything comes to you...
should be an interesting journey!

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