Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Full Corn Moon

Like the fruits of the vine, lives too can change & ferment. As you gather the late fruit harvest of your labour, give thanks for the sweetness of life. From such sweetness comes pleasure & treats, but also fermentation and "spirits". Celebrate the ever-changing nature of life, dreams,& goals as you toast the sacred ingredients-friends, family & familiars-their loving friendships that mellow & ferment you. Honour Dionysus god of wine & ecstasy. Invoke the balance of the light & dark, and evaluate the balance within your life. As you prepare for the growing darkness, readying yourself to move within, clean & declutter yourself physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Balance will bring you steady footing throughout the challenging journey ahead.

**Borrowed form Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook 2009**


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