Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Introduction to Pagan paths

So, I went to my class last night at Little Mysteries. It was just a one-class only thing, talking about the various paths there are in Paganism. It started at around 6pm and got over with close to 8pm. So, with saying that there wasn't a whole lot of time going through the different types of Pagan beliefs (Wicca, Druidry, Heathenism, etc).

It was pretty much about the commonalities they all have with being under such an umbrella term. I do think Vanessa, who was teaching the class, is Wiccan, I say that because she always used it as her examples and she kept going back to the Wiccan Rede as a standard code of ethics for Pagans. She did say, however, that not all the various beliefs out there necessarily go word-for-word of the Rede, but use something like it in their belief system.

We went through the Wheel of the Year, briefly explaining what each Sabbat was. The differences between the manifestations of Deity -Dualistic, Polytheistic, Animistic and a little on magic. She talked about prayer to the Deities as a form of magic, something like how some Christians pray to a saint for something. We also did a group meditation near the end of the class, it was a grounding meditation, quite relaxing, even though the remnants of incense still hung in the air from when the shop was open.

People asked about how to get in touch with Pagans in the community, she listed a few places. I've tried those places & I have yet to connect really with some Pagans. I do try to go to some monthly meetings with the NSPA, but I never get anything out of them, it's usually a discussion on environmental issues, making plans/topics for upcoming meetings, and it's usually the same group of 6 that are there and they are a lot younger than myself (college-age). I go feeling optimistic, but leave empty. But I digress on that.


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